Mobile phone signal issues, Toggle Airplane mode, Restart your Phone, Low Battery, Bad Weather Condition, Identify an antenna, Move to other Locations in your house,

6 Ways to improve mobile network signal strength Leave a comment

Mobile phone signal issues are common when moving from one location to another, but they are not permanent; we can solve this problem with a few tricks. 

Toggle Airplane mode:

Toggling Airplane mode will surprisingly help to boost the network strength. The key takeaway in this situation is that switching from airplane mode to turning it back on reconnects you to the network. You may also try it to enhance your weak network signal. Airplane mode may be activated by simply pulling down the quick settings panel.

Restart your Phone:

Restarting your phone should be your first step if you are experiencing low network strength on it. You might need to restart your phone after any network changes, or your phone might just require a network refresh. Your phone can be restarted quite easily. To restart, simply long-press the power button. Additionally, you can restart some phones by holding down the power button for around 10 seconds.

Low Battery:

A cellular network needs energy to transmit a signal. Never let your mobile battery run low. Not only for network issues, but a low battery will also consume all other energy to keep a mobile device alive. Low batteries may weaken the signal between sender and receiver; keep a power bank on hand to charge a phone in an emergency where there is no power source.

Bad Weather Condition:

Weather has the ability to affect all services. Mobile phones transmit a signal and receive electromagnetic waves. If there are any changes in weather like rain, thunder, lightning, humidity, or snow, then it will degrade the signal strength. We can’t do anything about climate change, but you can use a signal booster, which gives you enough signal even in bad weather.

Identify an antenna:

Every mobile phone has its own interior antenna to transmit a cellular signal. In the olden days, there was an exterior antenna used to transmit signals. Those were big size and heavy weight, but it has a perfect signal. Nowadays, smartphone antennas may be obscured by a case or hand; we never knew, but you can find the antenna depending on the phone model with a simple Google search. Remove the mobile case, avoid using a metal case, and most importantly, never give it a chance to block the surface of the interior antenna.

Move to other Locations in your house:

Moving to random areas:
We must search every corner of the house to find where the signal gets better. Not sure you’ll get the best signal range but getting 1 point in the tower will help. If none of the trick’s work, you better come out of the house to get some range.
Roof Top:
A house roof is an ultimate solution to getting enough signal strength if you’ve never found one. Because none of the walls or metal would block the empty space of the roof, an enormous amount of mobile signal waves would be used.

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